Brave error when linking uphold account

Perform the verification on the uphold platform. My documents and photos are in the uphold platform and I have already received the notification that I am verified. Even so I can not link my uphold account in the Brave search engine. **
I keep getting the same error: according to uphold, your uphold account has some limitations at this time. log in to uphold and check if you have any pending account notices or requirements. then try again. for example, uphold may need you to send more information.
I accessed the uphold page and the page shows that I am linked to the Brave browser. I need to know how to link my uphold account to start earning rewards.

@elAbuelo666 unfortunately the screenshot you shared is of no help. What is important is the exact message you’re receiving. Judging by what you did a copy/paste of, it sounds like you’re seeing Limited Uphold account functionality which has it that Uphold is needing you to provide more information. If you click on the link provided, you’ll see some details of what you may need to do.

Regardless, I would contact Uphold directly as this is something Uphold needs done. Otherwise they are refusing to allow the linking of Brave via the API.

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