Brave draining battery on a 2020 Macbook Air M1

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I noticed that starting a few days ago, whenever I opened Brave, even if I wasn’t using it much, the computer would start to heat up (on the top right part of the keyboard) and the battery would start to go down very rapidly.

While on my ordinary use of my macbook I would usually be able to go through my whole day without needing to recharge the battery, now I would need to charge just after about an hour or two.

To reproduce this issue, in my case at leats, all I have to do is open the brave app and leave it running, even if I don’t actively use it.

I guess it must be related to a new update pr something, because I haven’t made any changes on my mac or Brave settings that could have provoked this.

I have tested that the battery drain returns to normal only once I close the Brave app.

It seems to be up to date.

Let’s see how fast the Kiwi responds to tell you you’re wrong & there’s no issue…

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Any help?I can’t seem to fix it. And it is definately due to Brave. Everything works perfectly when I close the Brave app.