Brave does not show many emojis

I’m running Windows 8.1. All Chrome-based browsers (including Brave) do not show all emojis:


Firefox is the only browser to show them correctly, so it’s not a Windows issue.

It’s operating system dependent unless the browser adds the set of emoji. So Firefox added the character set, Brave, Chrome, and Chromium depend on the operating system.

Windows 10 is okay, not as good as Windows 7, but it’s more updated. I sure wouldn’t have stuck on Windows 8.

You can see on this site ( that your Brave’s emoji will always match windows. On Firefox, I don’t know what it’ll match.

Is there a way I can fix this?

Yes, install Windows 10 and you will see the emojis in that page.

If you are dead set on not updating right now, the only option seems to be add fonts.

Installed and it still does not work. I remember all emojis working just a week or so ago… what could have happened? This has not always been an issue.

Upgrading to Win 10 is not an option. Any solution for Win 8.1?

yes, ask Microsoft to add full emoji support in Windows 8.1.

Is this a business computer that upgrading it is not an option?

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