Brave displaying weird white boxes

Hi everyone,

I’m currently at Version 1.37.111. Windows 7 x64 Professional.

I’ve been noticing white boxes appearing in Brave, especially in the following websites:

google calendar

They sometimes move (especially in etsy), and sometimes move when I put my mouse on them. Very strange.

I’ve also noticed them in Chrome and Edge. It does NOT happen in Firefox.

Example white box screen shot:

I’ve run antivirus. I’ve booted into Win7 safe mode and run antivirus. I’ve updated brave. No change.

Please help :slight_smile:

With hardware acceleration off, the white boxes don’t show up.


Turned on Fanboy Annoyances List on Brave Ad Block OR ublock Origin. no more white boxes.

update: still noticing it in google photos.

I read somehwere on this forum that it happens when you press some function key. Check some previous posts about it, not sure.

Try pressing F7 function key.

tried it - turned that function on and off. didn’t do anything unfortunately.

turning hardware acceleration off fixes it… but i’d rather use the browser with hardware acceleration on.

looks like its a fairly common issue:

Came here to say the same — I think this is a known issue for Chromium browsers. I’ve forwarded the info to the team anyway for further review.

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