Can I export my crypto to cold wallet

I searched for a way to export my crypto to my hard/cold wallet I see no way of doing that, I tried sending it to my wallet, and it tells me that the amount has to be more than zero, and I checked that I choose 75% and 100%, I keep getting the same message, I have tired a total nine times and nothing. It is frustrating.

Can anyone help me please, or is it impossible? I want to store my crypto someplace else.

@toriseda Hi and welcome to the community. Community member too and I can’t help, sorry. Basically just changed the category of your topic and providing some observations. Also tagging @Aman_M who is another community member who may be able to help.

The moderators could also be tagged but would probably be best if you provide a little more information before doing that, including what hardware wallet you are trying to connect, confirming you are trying through Brave Wallet and not an extension, and what you have set for your Default cryptocurrency wallet at brave://settings/wallet. A screenshot of error message and entries (with any personal/private data removed) may be helpful too.

This Help Center article explains the Default cryptocurrency settings: How do I manage crypto assets in Brave Wallet?. It is outdated but I think the description for the options still available are valid.

Please provide an update with more information and screenshots if you can. Tag the moderators in your update too. Hopefully a more knowledgeable community member or a moderator can help you with your issue.

Observations (aka Ramblings)

Are gas fees incurred and do you have enough network crypto (ETH, SOL, etc.) to cover gas fees? Could the error be related to that?

There have been a lot of Brave Wallet changes in the last few months and it appears documentation has not kept up with the changes. The Help Center article on adding hardware wallet appears to be outdated but I am posting the link just in case it helps: How do I use Brave Wallet in Brave?. The bottom of the page has instructions for “Adding hardware wallets to your accounts” but the “hardware tab” does not exist when I tried. Probably has something to do with the Imported accounts options on the Accounts page but I could not find any documentation so who knows.

I couldn’t find any detailed information that may help in the Brave GitHub Wiki or in Brave Community and reddit posts. Or on the web either… which definitely increased my frustration!

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You can get seed-phrase of your Brave Wallet from here- brave://wallet/crypto/backup-wallet with this you can restore your accounts to your hardware/cold wallet. You can also restore each account with its private key that you will find here- brave://wallet/crypto/accounts > Select account > Click on little pencil/edit icon. (Former would be easier)

For this, as asked by Chocoholic, which crypto are you trying to send, can you provide a screenshot of the error?

Hello everyone, thank you all for the help; even though I would select the amount to be sent to my cold wallet, it would give me the message that it was rejected and say insufficient funds, but I tried again today, and it confirmed, and I received the crypto it in my ledger, I appreciated the help.
I still don’t know what I was doing wrong?


@toriseda Glad it started working for whatever reason! :slightly_smiling_face:

You should mark your post as the solution so that community members and support staff know that your problem is solved. It helps when browsing topics!

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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