Brave rewards uphold account verification not yet done

Hello Brave team,

I am a Brave user since 4-5 months ago and i received a mail regarding the new guidelines of the creator brave rewards program. So in this case the brave verified creator must verify and connect his uphold account to the Brave account. So i am a Brave verified Creator but the problem i have is my Uphold account is still not verified. I have been in touch with the Uphold team, but there is no proper reply from them.

So if i am not able to connect my uphold account to my Brave creator account within 30 june, i may lose my brave account? Or else you may suggest anything to do so that i dont lose my account.

Please reply to this as soon as possible

Do as needful for the above

Seems like an email regarding Referral Program?

I have submitted the id required for verification on uphold still its not verified!

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