Brave Creator Rewards - Some questions

Hi. A few days ago I started to link my website and YouTube channels to Brave Creator Rewards. I noticed that it had an immediate balance as shown in the below screenshot picture

I have some questions, hope that you guys can help me with the answer. Please pardon me as I’m very new to this:

  1. Why I have immediate balance when linking my website/YouTube? It’s even stranger that some big ones with a lot of traffic get like 0 BAT, while smaller ones get more.
  2. Can I check the period which this BAT balance is generated? Is that for only last month?
  3. I already linked a verify Gemini account. Where in the site that I can find the expected payout date for the current balance?

Thank you!

Which month you received tips

If you received tip on December

You got your creator payout on 13th january

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I can’t find where to check exactly when I received the money. Apparently it’s still Dec now, so does that mean I will receive all of this balance on Jan 13?

Yes! tips you received in December will be paid next month i.e., january ( it’s not 13 of the next month…this is starting date for processing payouts you may receive after few days it’s generally 2 to 5 days once processing starts)

@proxynotavailable Do we have anything to know that the process is started? It’s 13th already but I’m not sure if mine is processing or stuck. Thank you!

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