Brave creator account when is coming to india for zebpay account

can brave member can say

that when the brave creator supported in india

I would suggest you to use the search feature and comment under the suitable post if possible rather than creating a new topic.

You may take a look at this one: When can we expect Zebpay for creators also? - #3 by Saoiray

@rahulchoudhary091220 while we don’t know a time for ZebPay, I would like to remind you that on chain payments are an option. This means you can receive tips from anyone who uses cryptocurrency. Whereas just connecting to ZebPay restricts you to only receiving tips from ZebPay.

And while speaking of on chain payments, keep in mind Rewards is also shifting to on chain payments as well. If you hadn’t been reading much on it, you might want to see my post and the links I provide in the post below:

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