About my account being suspended

I have used my website with more than 100 thousand active users / 1 day to make pop-ups for my ref link, but I have no any BAT from October 1, 2019. I have lost many things: loss of profits earned from advertising, staff salaries costs. But what do I get from Brave? What are the results after more than 2 months of my work? Nothing! Very sad! My account is still being suspended.

You said you would pay BAT to me at next circle (ie February 8, 2020), but I still have not received any BAT. You did not keep your commitment! Please pay my BAT and then you can close my account. If you do not keep your promise, that means the BRAVE browser is not reliable either. I will notify my user on my websites (animeflv.cc and pelisplus.movie). I would recommend that the Brave browser be very dangerous, it could steal bank accounts and credit cards.
Best regards!
Merry Nguyen

Hi there!

Account reviews take time. We will have a final decision for you before next month’s payout. If you’re cleared, you’ll be paid out in full then.

If you have not done so already, please send an email to suspensions@brave.com with an answer to the following questions:

  1. How did you solicit tips/referrals/etc.?
  2. Do you believe you may have done something to trigger our security checks? If so, please explain in detail.

Apologies for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding!