Brave Creator Account Got Suspended

Hello Team,

Don’t know why my brave creator account got suspended
I have also sent mail to but still there is no support received
Can anyone please help.

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It could be a while till they get back to you. They have a lot of tickets during this time of the month because of creators payout and rewards payout.


Creators suspensions are not handled on Brave Community. All you can do is write in to and then wait. They tend to review accounts once a month.

Depending on when you wrote in and when they last reviewed, this means you can wait up to 2 months for yours to be reinstated or to have them reply to you with any update at all.

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bat grants are still a thing? I thought those ended more than a year ago. Just an old form letter perhaps?

Not quite sure. What I do know is Brave doesn’t keep on top of updating information. Most likely they just haven’t revisited and updated the prompts/emails.

They have been updating a lot of the Help articles, but there are still missing pieces. Things like which still says Sync has 24 words and doesn’t mention anything about how the code changes daily.

Or even of which was created but is still empty, with absolutely no information and is even linked to in their article at where it says:

For a more thorough explanation of how Brave handles Fingerprinting protection, please read our extensive blog post which goes over how the system works in great detail.

Definitely a lot of little things to organize. Mentioning that, though, they have updated and corrected a lot as well.

As to grants, I’ll have to ask about that later today just to make sure.

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