Brave crashes on startup trying to make new tab, and when creating new tab, crashes

Description of the issue:
Brave suddenly crashed recently, and when I tried to start it back up, it just crashes instantly. I can go back to my previous tabs by creating a private window and opening settings, but if I create a new tab, it crashes, and when I try and open up a new tab, it takes me to the page about:blank#blocked.
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Somehow get Brave to crash?
  2. Open up Brave
  3. Crash.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

When I open it up normally, just opens up and crashes instantly

Expected result:
The browser opens correctly

Reproduces how often:
Every time

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 10, Version 1.43.88

Additional Information:
I restarted windows, reinstalled brave, and cleared prefetch files. I also added “C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe” --disable-brave-sync to target, and nothing worked.

My Brave also started Crashing on startup today. I literally used the bathroom and came back and It wouldn’t open up without crashing. I can only open private tabs. If I try to enter the settings it also crashes. This is what I found

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Ive exactly the same problem.
I’ve also a little workaround for it.
Try to open your Browser in administrative mode and go the your settings and change your " New Tab Page" to “Blank page”



Open brave://settings/newTab and check if dashboard is the choice for new tab; If this does not resolve the issue maybe one of your extensions causes the issue to happen; Or try reinstalling Brave as follows:

Open brave://settings/help, Click on the word ‘Version’, download the setup file and reinstall Brave.

I’m facing the same issue and this worked for me too but isn’t there another way to maybe have the dashboard as my ntp and resolve this problem

Hi @RogerNoEars, @Tak3aStepBack, @78wesley and @invincible69 welcome to Community :smiley:

Could you kindly share the following:

If the browser remains active on start - go to brave://crashes/ and send me a DM of the Crash IDs.
If the browser crashes immediately on start - go to AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser-Nightly\User Data\Crashpad\reports and send me a DM the .dmp files.

We can investigate further what is happening.


|Local Crash Context:|79780289-eca6-4def-881e-13510a3bb25e|
Local Crash Context: 10c1271e-6ab6-4003-867f-1528c4509548
|Local Crash Context:|66713f54-53b4-423b-b194-894608fff4b0|
Uploaded Crash Report ID: a12a0300-74c0-c508-0000-000000000000

While using the Oculus app it tried to force me to make a Meta Account and opened brave and it didn’t crash! I also noticed I can open links on discord to websites to open brave. But If I try to make a new Tab it simply crashes. BUT When I set my New Tab to Blank Page It no longer crashes.

TLDR: Set New Tab to : Blank Page to Fix for now

Hey there folks - good find with the work-around

There’s one open report with details that may help narrow the problem down. For any of the folks crashing, can you please visit brave://flags/#brave-sync-v2 and report if this is disabled?

We are seeing that as a known issue captured with

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For me it was set to Default. And when enabled it prompts me to relaunch. After relaunching I tried to see if I could set my New Tab back to Dashboard. But Even after enabling Brave Sync v2 it still crashes when trying to open a new Tab. So for now I set it back to Default and also set my new Tab back to Blank Page.

Heres the crash thing
Local Crash Context: de3cc681-215c-453a-800e-408f4a589bf6

@Tak3aStepBack thanks for trying the Brave Sync v2 as default (you’ll have to relaunch after changing it). Default is the correct value. Can you visit brave://crashes and upload that report? It should have a report ID you can then share (maybe you can share here!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

OK folks - I may have found the root cause here

I confirmed new tab page will crash when you DISABLE this flag:

I’d highly recommend setting this back to default and then disabling Brave News in settings instead


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