Brave crashes on startup OnePlus 9 OxygenOS 12 beta 1

Description of the issue:
On startup, Brave shows a white screen for less then a second and then it crashes

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install OxygenOS 12 beta 1 on OnePlus 9
  2. Open Brave
  3. Accept (or deny) to send crash report
  4. From now on, enjoy the crash every time the app is open

Expected result:
Start the Brave app successfully

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.30.87
Nightly 1.32.58
Beta 1.31.74

Mobile Device details
OnePlus 9 with OxygenOS 12 beta 1 (Android 12 for non-china country)

Additional Information:


Same problem on a Pixel 5, Android 12 Beta 5. Posted a week ago, no replies. Sent an email to developer a week ago, no replies there either. Hopefully a fix coming soon…

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Brave (regular & developer) also crashes after loading on my Pixel 3 XL after a factory reset on Android 12 beta 5

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Same thing is happening to me on my Pixel 5.

Hi, it was the same for me but I found a fix.

  1. Download the 1.30.86 version from APK mirror and install it.
  2. open it and you will see that it keeps crashing.
    3)Update Brave from the PlayStore.
  3. Now it works!

Same is happening with my IQOO 7 Legend android 12 beta

@sammydeni I don’t know how you figured that out but it worked on my Pixel 5 Android 12 beta. Thanks!!!

It really works. Amazing!

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