Brave Crashes on Launch Catalina

Brave crashes on launch
Mac OS 10.15.2
Launch Brave.
It Crashes.
Trash Brave and BraveSoftware Folder.
Restart since the BraveSoftware folder seems to me owned by a process and the trash won’t empty because of BraveSoftware. (sometimes)
Empty Trash.
Install Brave again.
Launch Brave.
It crashes.
Read in a thread rapidly clicking on window fixed problem. It doesn’t.
There are no Brave processes in the Activity Monitor.

Where exactly are you downloading the browser from? The most recent release at the time of writing this is v1.2.41 – can you update and see if this helps with the crashing?

I thought it might have been a buildup of old dmg’s, so I trash them all, emptied the trash, Dowloaded a fresh copy from the download button on, trashed the BraveSoftware Folder, opened the dmg, copied the app to Applications, trashed the disk image, launched Brave from the Applications Folder and it still cashes on launch. I can not get the version from the About box since I can not launch the app, so I am getting the version number from the Finder. The Finder version number is The app has a creation date of 1/3/2020. Perhaps the Finder version number is different than the About version number.

Can you enable automatic crash reporting in your browser or go to brave://crashes and send them to us manually so we can take a look?

Would you be willing to download and test running our Beta browser and see if you get the same results?

Am I missing something? How can I set up automatic logging or even go to brave://crashes if I can’t get Brave to open?

The Beta produces slightly different results. Instead of crashing immediately, the beta went about 5 seconds before crashing. That happened 2 or 3 times before the launch of the beta - hung. I was able to force quit. The next launch, the beta hung hard. Force Quit did not terminate the process. Looking at Activity Monitor, there where no “bra” (short from brave) processes.

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Precisely same problem.

What can be done from here?

Strangely, with no action by me, Brave has started to function again. It must of been the don’t launch before Jan. 15 on my computer bug. lol.

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