Brave crashes every time on startup on a M1 Mac

Description of the issue: Brave browser crashes every time I try to start it on my M1 MacBook Pro
How can this issue be reproduced? Easily… Just trying to start the app

Expected result: I would just like it to work

Brave Version( check About Brave): The last one. Just tried to reinstall it. The new version crashes like the former one

Additional Information:

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[LaurenWags commented Feb 1, 2022]

Reproduced using 1.34.81 arm64 pkg installer when it was tagged with a referral code.

  1. Grabbed Brave-Browser-arm64.pkg from
  2. Renamed to Brave-Browser-arm64-ABC123.pkg
  3. Installed from this pkg file
  4. Attempted to launch, immediate crash was observed
  5. Looking at the profile folder, I also saw this (folder name should just be Brave-Browser, not Brave-Browser-arm64)
    Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 3 51 03 PM
  6. Removed BraveSoftware folder and Brave Browser application
  7. Renamed installer back to the original name Brave-Browser-arm64.pkg
  8. Installed again
  9. Confirmed no crash on launch

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Usually fixes the problem:
Remove the BraveSoftware folder at:
/Users/username/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware

Suggest that you initially move that BraveSoftware folder to the Mac Desktop; and keep that BraveSoftware folder until Brave Browser will run; and THEN delete that folder from the Mac Desktop.

WHEN Brave Browser starts up, the browser will create a new BraveSoftware folder - replacing what you removed.

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Thank you ! That really helped.
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