Brave crashes after drag-n-drop file upload in KDE Plasma

I’m using brave’s rpm install in fedora 39 kde [Wayland], everytime I drag-n-drop stuff in brave to upload something, be it whatsapp, g-drive or reddit, it instantly becomes unresponsive and crashes without any error.

Same here. I’m using brave from the AUR and have similar issue, although on mine the UI just stop taking mouse input but still accepting keyboard input. Looks like upstream chromium or KDE issue, since I was able to replicate it on vanilla chromium from the arch repo and I’m also running KDE (specifically plasma 6)

Step to reproduce

  1. Open Chromium/Brave
  2. Open any website that allows you to upload file via drap and drop
  3. Drag and drop the file you want to upload to the browser window
  4. The browser window stop accepting mouse input and can only be navigated using keyboard shortcut

Same issue here on Arch linux, running brave from aur. Did you find any workaround?

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The issue got fixed by latest update. Thanks Brave Team.