When have multiple tabs open, brave crashes and loses all of the tabs when reopened

I use my browser with multiple tabs open. About every week or two, Brave crashes and when I reopen it the tabs are missing.

In task manager, it still will have one process showing for each of the missing tabs. If I had 13 tabs before it crashed, there would be 13 Brave processes showing in task manager, both before crashing and after restarting when the tabs are missing.

Having all those sessions seems to slow down the browser – yahoo email and other tabs and other windows slow down to a crawl and the Brave CPU usage gets extremely high and the fan goes on high. But as soon as I close Brave the CPU and fan go back to normal and everything else starts running properly.

Today I uninstalled Brave and deleted the Brave folder tree from appdata/local. When the install finished and I started using Brave again, there were 13 brave processes in task manager again, even though I was only using one tab.


  1. how do I recover lost tabs, and can Brave make this something easy to do?
  2. Why are those extra processes showing up?

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In addition to tabs, installed extensions will also count as Brave processes – including pre-installed ones. Can you tell me if you’ve added any additional extensions to the browser?

Additionally, to check for lost tabs, you should see a tab group show up in Menu --> History that you can use to restore them:

Hi Mattches,

Thanks the Recently Closed tip!

I don’t what was on the browser before I uninstalled it. On this new install AVG antivirus and Adobe Acrobat are the only ones.

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