Brave community leader said your brave reward will lost when 1.48 version release

They clearly said { Rewards users will receive BAT for unverified profiles until the 1.48 release.}

we are unable to claim our rewards because you developers are not fixing our issues & now you gonna take our rewards too on the name of the new release 1.48 ver.

Don.t lock our topic public wants to comment on the topic with their issue & you guys are locking the topic to settle it down and hiding your failure.

why we lost our rewards because of your negligence.
Don’t release the 1.48 ver until all users get their rewards in their wallets, fix the issue as soon as you can.

Don’t lock the topic allow the public to express their issue in reply


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Thank you for your feedback.

I apologize for not linking the open thread on this matter.

Comments and feedback can be provided in the above thread.

Thanks again!