Brave can not open Panomax website, even after deleting all cookies

Brave will not open a website (, even after deleting all cookies, history and cache. Closing all the open tabs and closing down W11 and restarting does not help either. In private mode whoever it does open!

**Reproduces how often: only on websites.

**Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
W11 and Brave Versie 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Officiële build) (64-bits)

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In my Brave brwser I can open Panomax.Version 1.35.103 Chromium: 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows 11.

For I cannot open it but I opened the link in a private windows ie incognito mode. Try to open Panomax in incognito mode too may be it will work.
I hope this may be helpful.

This makes me think it’s either an extension. Could you tried disabling all your extensions, before visiting?

@CerealLover. T tried that before (I called it private mode) and then it works.

@Go-go_duck. There is only one extension active in Brave: Kaspersky. No effect when closing it. Funny thing is, Brave has no problem opening in normal mode. However, selecting a random webcam gives no result.
I use Brave for some years now, with Panomax being a favorite site and never encoutered this issue, untill a couple of days ago.

I have disabled also these extensions, but no success.

The other suggestion I originally had was turning shields off, but I edited that out again, because shields should be the same in a private window, where there is no problem.

I saw someone else having trouble with a live cam site recently: Can’t see webcam , missing Adobe Flash
No idea whether it’s at all related though :confused:

Thanks for thinking with me :slight_smile: . Other websites with (live) webcam content give no problem.
Well, that means visiting incognito or using an other browser.

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I just had asked @megaspaz if they had any ideas and in our experimenting, they realized if you go to brave://settings/content/javascript?search=javascr and turn off Javascript, then turn it back on, it will suddenly work (for that one time anyway).

I also tested and saw the link opens up immediately with no issues on my iPhone. So the issue is only on desktop. I’ll be curious to see if @Mattches or @fanboynz have any ideas what in the world is going on.

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What error message is seen? Disabling SecureDNS may also help in brave://settings/security (and restarting). I had no issues with the site, and various webcams


That’s what appears if you try to view it in normal. It doesn’t matter if Shields is on or off.

Open in Private Window or w/e or go through and turn off Javascript, immediately turn it back on, and load the page…either way, it suddenly works.

I just tried it with SecureDNS off and nothing changed. Just so you can see the settings when I toggled…

@Saoiray. Turning of Javascript worked, but only once. After turning it on again it does not work. Seems like this issue appears only at websites from Panomax…
@fanboynz: Indeed the error message is “Foutcode: STATUS_BREAKPOINT” (foutcode is Dutch :wink: ). Turning of SecureDNS: nope.
Opening in Brave on my desktop gives no problem.
Opening a webcam through Panomax with Firefox on my desktop; no problem.

I checked this on 3 other laptops, two with W11 (Edge or FireFox), one with Ubuntu (Brave): no problem. Also with an Android phone and Iphone; no problem.
It is the combination; My desktop computer, W11 and Brave that does not work for whatever webcam connection on Panomax…
Really, really strange!

I am getting a litle bit out of my comfort zone now, as I am a user of computers, internet etc. not a developer or so :wink: .

But thanks a lot for diving into this strange issue!

Which extensions installed, and disabling them all while in standard mode helps?

There is only one Extension: Kaspersky, disabling does not work. Other extensions; see my reply to Go-go_duck above.
All the rights in Brave are standard settings.


Nah, because I’m having the same issues and I don’t have some of that. I’m just using Brave with the newest version, Windows 10 Pro, etc. I even created a New Profile and opened it, experiencing the same issue.

@fanboynz Only commenting as I’m having the same issue on that link. As I’ve stated above, I’d tried disabling extensions, have turned off Brave Shields, created a New Profile and ran with it, cleared cookies and all, etc. None of it has made a difference.

Yet turning Javascript off and back on will let it load once…but only once. If I go to iPhone or Android, it works fine. So the issue seems to be with Windows only (unless Mac OS also is issue, then it’s desktop only).

@Saoiray and @fanboynz . I made a mistake, I mentioned Windows 11 but that must be W10.

@Saoiray , @OpAart ,

Merely a report on what I have found . . .

Using NoScript that is an add-on / extension installed on another Internet browser, I found that

attempts what seems like a request for making a connection to the Local Area Network.

That is the first occasion, that I have run across such a request. I am no expert, and I might be mis-understanding the NoScript pop-up window, so here it is:


I chose to NOT enable any of the highlighted (light-brown) selections.

Using the Developer Tools > Network tool for the Internet browser, I found that “” also encourages a lot of tagging / tracking – certainly with a lot of Google involvement.

Using Brave Browser, New Private Window, I had no trouble connecting to the “” website . . . but, myself, I would not allow enough latitude in Brave Browser Settings and Shields, for that website to be useful. Because, my purpose for using Brave Browser, is Privacy and Security.