Brave can not open Panomax website, even after deleting all cookies

Just FYI, the default setting is off. Having it set to “scripts blocked” breaks a lot of websites.

Permanently? I just visited and still have the “Oh snap” error. Yes, if I turn scripts on and then back off, it will load properly. But it will load only for that visit. Then I have to do the same when I visit again. So I just want to clarify what you’re saying and if it somehow resolved on your end?

Hello Saoiray,
Confusing indeed :woozy_face: . It must be the other way round. Apparently I have set this setting to off in the past, otherwise certain websites do not function (I guess specific websites with grafics, for instance).
Anyhow, I no know where to look and what to do, if a website does not open.

Thanks, for being interested :slight_smile: .

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