Brave Browser Wifi Connectivity Issue (Wifi works on alternative browser)

Brave Browser fails to connect to the internet no matter what I do/try. Worked fine for almost a year now, but suddenly I cannot access anything through Brave. At first I thought it was simply connectivity issues, but then Mozilla and Chrome worked perfectly well.
I tried turning my VPN on and off to no avail. Restarted/shut down computer multiple times; still didn’t work.
Cleared history, cookies, cached files, etc, still no fix.
Looked through the forum here and saw some recommendations to turn off shields and some other tweaks to the settings, but still could not access the internet through Brave.
Please help!


The areas to check: the firewall, secure dns (try,, or maybe internet security settings, ie antivirus. Try also flushing dns.

  • Try private window mode
  • Disable secureDNS if enabled
  • Just restart the PC?
  • Exit the VPN (not just turn off).
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whoa weird, so i’ve tried all the other things before (not opening my vpn and restarting my computer), but opening a private browser window works; i’m not sure why though. Any way to make it so that regular browsing also works? I also checked security
settings and secure DNS is already turned off.

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