Brave Browser quit unexpectedly - MacOS Montery v12.3.1 - M1 chip

Description of the issue:

I am unable to open Brave. I keep seeing the error “Brave Browser quit unexpectedly”.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I am on a MacBook Pro with MacOS Montery v12.3.1 and Apple M1 Pro chip.
  2. In Firefox I open URL
  3. I see a modal asking me to choose between the Intel and Apple chip.
  4. I choose the Apple chip.
  5. The download of Brave-Browser-arm64-YSU799.pkg starts.
  6. Once downloaded, I start the installation. No issues.
  7. I then open the app…
  8. The app fails to open with error Brave Browser quit unexpectedly.

Expected result:

For the app to open without error.

Brave Version:


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