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Thanks for your patience @iamjherz :slight_smile: Payouts are currently still processing.

Can u give exact date for payout?

Which payout @iamjherz?

Ads payout always start around 5th, every month.
Creators payout is around 8th, every month.

I mean bat balances to uphold. What is the exact date of transferring bat to uphold.

Both is about BAT balance. :point_up::sweat_smile:
The latter ia for creators while the former is for users.

Too long for waiting to transfer bat balances to uphold like w*f its been almost a week . So disappointed

Well, you didn’t tell us which payout that you referring too. :sweat_smile: But

based on this, seems like about your ads payout? brave:rewards or BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

If so, it’s already finished. MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

If you not receive yours, maybe you encounter this issue Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

But im not reauthorized my wallet after august 4. Why i didnt received my balances to uphold? Please help.

Please stop spamming by creating new threads @iamjherz. :sweat_smile:

I said “maybe”. You not providing enough information in first place about your question/issue.

If you can elaborate more about your question/issue, then we can restart this conversation.

What I mean is, my uphold wallet has no balance even if i have bat rewards iin brave. In short bat rewards is not yet transferred to uphold.

Which OS? Brave version? When you connect your Uphold account? Did you see your earning in your brave:rewards wallet?

Please provide more information. :wink:
Screenshot will be helpful too.

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I cant remember what brave version is. But i connect my uphold wallet last June 2020. And Yes I see my eanings in brave rewards wallet.

Is there any solution about this issue?

I already provide the information u want but it seem u dont want to help and response about this issue. Tsk

Thanks for the screenshot @iamjherz.
I’m pretty sure it’s still related to the issue above☝️

As mentioned, the team is working on a fix.

But How? How im involving with that issue?

I won’t pretend to understand your disappointment for Brave Rewards, but I am certain that their is frustration on Brave’s side in working toward an efficient process for payouts to us all.

Brave is a young business. They are rewarding us via BAT, which in itself is amazing given crypto is no where close to broad adoption.

No matter what you read, Uphold is deserving of [insert positive adjective] followed by the modifier [aF].

You will receive your payout(proof attached). Brave is young, so patience is required, but exercising patience holds a huge upside as Brave’s model is obviously disruptive. Disruptive in a good way.

All of this that Brave’s employees and volunteers are undertaking…it must succeed first. So far so good. Hang in there my friend.

Lastly, posting in this thread here will help both you and Brave employees.

Because u are using pc , im using mobile thats why. You received ur payout and my payout is still n bat rewards not into uphold 🤦

Hi. Apologies for the delay. I too use Android. Though I’ve no screenshot, I had received that payout as well, and actually, before my pc reward.

Again, posting in the megathread results in the best support.


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