Brave Browser not undateable in Ventura, not available in App Store

Tried to update Brave, as suggested by icon in browser, and told by Ventura MacOS that browser not supported. Tried to find new version on App Store and it’s not there. Tried to install new version from Brave website and Ventura does not allow installing packages not from the the App Store.

I’m stuck. Looks like I need to switch to Safari. Or is there another way? Thanks.

If this is what I think it is…
This is an Apple thing, not a Brave thing
but this should help you with a lot of issues with non-App Store apps (& Brave is not on the App Store, as far as I can tell)
Go to Settings app > Security & Privacy and Allow apps downloaded from option to allow app

See Section: “Change the app security settings on your Mac” in below link

Visual assistance (though this might be an older version/look of macOS):

You were exactly right. Thanks! I hated the idea of having to switch to Safari!

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