“Brave Browser” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software

Found this browser today and thought it worth a try, but I can’t install it. I get the message in the subject line. Macbook Pro already updated to Catalina (OS 10.15).


I have the same issue with Catalina

Hi @NexusNeant and @seh0872 - thanks for reporting this. You can enable the download by going to System Preferences - Security & Privacy - Allow Brave Browser Download.

+1 Fresh install on Catalina

Sorry, Steeven, but there is no such option that I can find. Security and Privacy has four sub-menus: General, FileVault, Firewall, and Privacy. Under which would you expect to find the solution you propsed?

See also this thread, which seems to indicate the only way is to bypass Apple’s security mechanisms:

[UPDATE] . I figured it out. You need to go to System Preferences directly after you try to open the app. All set now.

The issue appears each time when you open the browser, even if if I choose “Allow Anyways” option under security & privacy settings. However, this terminal command xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applictaions/Brave.app fixes the issue to some extent. https://www.winytips.com/installer-cant-be-opened-because-apple-cannot-check-it-for-malicious-software/

You’re not alone. Many common apps like Skype, Spotify, and Adobe Creative Cloud have the same issue on macOS Catalina. Usually you can bypass this new macOS gateway by opening the app through System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Check Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers > Click Open Anyway.

If it still doesn’t work, guess you were double clicking on the Brave Browser install icon, yes? Don’t do that. You can get an Open option in context menu: Select Open. Then the next dialog box you see will be similar to the one you report, but it will also have the Open button added. Choose Open. That’s DONE :smile:

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