Brave won't update to latest release on Ubuntu 16.04 [SOLVED-BY-ME]

Brave Version 1.25.68 on Xubuntu 16.04.

I have another desktop with Manjaro that updated to the current stable version yesterday. Today, I wanted to update my 16-04 via command line, but the result of sudo apt dist-upgrade said all packages are up to date.

I searched the web and tried a few solutions, but nothing worked.

The only thing I can think of is because 16.04 is no longer supported by Ubuntu/Canonical, it somehow prevents Brave from updating.

I installed Brave on this machine thinking it would still get updates beyond the system’s eol.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

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1.25.68 is currently the latest version:


The latest version is 1.25.70, I’m currently using it.

You’re right for Windows & Mac but that version has not been published for Linux because is still not fixed on that platform. We are working on another point release which will be published on all platforms.

So on Linux, 1.25.68 is still the latest version.

It’s my mistake then, apologies.

I thought the release (milestone) passing the manual tests over here:

And the issue receiving the “QA Pass” label over here:

means that the version could be released for the specified platform. Duly noted.

Maybe it’s different for Arch vs Ubuntu?

[keith@vug ~]$ lsb_release -dc
Description: Manjaro Xfce
Codename: Ornara
[keith@vug ~]$ pacman -Q brave
brave-bin 1:1.25.70-1
[keith@vug ~]$

Unless you’re using Brave from the snap version, yeah, if you depends on the repository, it’s no long will work for the average user, unless you pay for more support.

16.04 was released on April, 2016 and ended support on April, 2021. I recommend you to switch to a new version of Ubuntu, e.g. the latest LTS which is 20.04.

Or you can switch to another distribution which is more up-to-date, like Manjaro.

I also have Brave on Xubuntu 18.04, and that one did not update.

For my 16.04 this is understandable, but why won’t it update on my 18.04?

After reading the current events here in the community, I’d guess the update/upgrade issue that brought me here will be a low priority for a while.

So, what the heck…it still works.

Since I won’t be getting any updates, I reverted back to version 1.24.86, just to get rid of that “tab-search” thing.


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