Brave browser not compatible with one drive website

hi guys , ive had this problem for a while and I see it is still happening . It appears that there is compatibility issue between brave browser and one drive website . i had issues changing a simple name on a .doc file . it annoyed me enough that i contacted microsoft support and the nett result was i had to use the edge browser in order to do the name change . its very annoying because I got rid of both edge and chrome , but it seems like every few Weeks ive got to reinstall one of these browsers to achieve something . I do use onedrive fairly often as its my way of getting around buying office and giving more money to Microsoft

Could you try the same in a private window / new profile ?

Try also to disable all extensions to see if it is any conflict in one of them.

Also, let us know which OS you are using.

I use OneDrive often and I have no issues with Brave.
As you can see:

i have no extensions on my browser i tried incognito and the one drive website became forbidden , couldnt access it at all . i think that tor played a part in that

im using 10 22H2 . i do believeyou and im unable to tell you why yours is fine and mine is a bit messed up . do you create/edit you .docs in the onedrive or do you have office installed locally , im thinking that too might be a difference

heres the microsoft support case number .

  • Case #: 1052553497
    Not sure if that is of any use to you but at the bear minimum it confirms that the problem exists

I don’t use MS Office. I do not have it installed. And I don’t create the docs in OneDrive. I simply use OneDrive to store the files I create in my PC.

It could be file permissions. But you say it works with Edge.

Another option that comes to my mind.
Try to create a new clean Brave profile and test it. You find this option in the hamburger menu.

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