OneDrive No Longer Loading #2

Earlier today I was looking at the topic “OneDrive No Longer Loading” (from about a month ago in Nov-Dec) because I had run up against a similar problem. The problem for me is now solved - but it was a somewhat different scenario than the ones previously mentioned here. So it seems good to write down the solution here in case somebody else runs into this one. Maybe this could somehow be linked to that previous topic?

My issue ended up being really simple. One of my spreadsheets that’s stored in OneDrive was open in another browser - and until that was closed, Brave wasn’t able to display a list of the files and folders in my OneDrive. I was in the process of transitioning to using Brave in place of both Firefox and Chrome - and everything transitioned over without a problem, except just for this web view of OneDrive. Somewhat oddly, that open file in OneDrive wasn’t a problem to Firefox and Chrome. They had no problem displaying the list of files and folders despite the open file. Maybe the difference is that for Brave this was the very first time looking at the contents of this OneDrive and having to sort out how to display it - maybe needing more complete access to everything for this initial run. The thing that clued me in that something was open, is that the OneDrive icon in the taskbar was showing a little spinning thing saying that it was busy with something - and then looking at the individual files showed me which one it was busy with, and that I just needed to close that one. Once that was accomplished, then the OneDrive view loaded just fine in the Brave browser.

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