Brave browser login

How comes I can log in to my uphold app successfully but when I try to log in to brave browser it says my password is wrong I have reset my passwords to make sure they are correct can someone please respond thanks

Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please tell me specifically where you are trying to login to?

Trying to login to brave account

You mean If so, there is no password for this. There are no other “Brave accounts” for you to login to, unless you’re referring to your Creators account which also does not require a password (as it is an email login link that is sent to the associated email address).

I verified my account so for that they require an email address and password to log in and
It won’t allow me to log in to my uphold account on brave browser to see my rewards on my account I set on uphold
I reset my password
And still says incorrect
But it’s not as I’m currently logged in
to the uphold application
I want to see my brave rewards account for brave browser I’m using an uphold account you are probably using a geminie account instead they are only 2 options depending on what region you are in
I log in to the uphold app fine but when try to log to my brave account which requires the same password and email for it it says the password or email address is incorrect when it is definitely not maybe you misunderstood me guys

Can you please share a screenshot of the error as its shown on your end?

Thank you

It doesn’t let me go any further

I’m with uphold I’m logged in to the app but won’t go any further than the screen shot I sent you to log in to my brave rewards

Ok It let me go further but still doesn’t let me log in to uphold to my brave browser rewards account

I know it’s not upholds problem because I am logged in on the app but it doesn’t let me log in to brave browser

I see. So basically you’re saying that when you try to connect your Uphold account to your Brave Rewards wallet, the login page tells you that the password you entered is incorrect, even though you know it to be correct — is that the case?

One way to confirm that the password you are entering is 100% correct would be to log out of the Uphold app on your device, then log back into that app and use the same password you’ve been using for the Uphold website. If it works in the app then you know for certain that it is the correct password.

If that is the case (that you are using the correct password) then it definitely does seem like it could be a Brave issue. Have you tried entering your credentials with Shields (lion icon in the address bar) disabled for the site?

I realised after resetting my password that don’t work because the way you log in to the browser is different to the way you log in from the uphold app
For example
An email and password is needed on the browser although
On the uphold app it requires a 4 digit passcode login

When I log in on browser it goes to sign me in then returns back to just where it says password and email just like I’m the screenshot And yes I am using the lion shield
I know the password is 100 percent correct because I was able to reset it

Still waiting for a reply and I wondered how long this issue is going to take to rectify? Thanks

@jldn I’m going to bet that the reason you’re having an issue is because you’re not actually signing in on the browser. When you’re clicking, is it opening your Uphold app instead? If so, that won’t work. This would cause the circle of issues you’re having. So need to go to your Android settings and stop it from opening Uphold by default or need to temporarily uninstall Uphold and connect via the browser.

That doesn’t make any difference with or without upholds application

I just deleted it and tried again and still it logs me out regardless

The page just backs out to email address and password after I click authorise

This doesn’t make no sense to me as I was able to reset my password for my uphold account it’s in my emails
I didn’t this To make sure it wasn’t me typing in the wrong password

Why is the login different on the app as appose to the browser it requires a passcode instead of an email and password regardless
they should both be the same that’s what I think the issue is

Can you please find out thanks

I should be able to log in on both
But I can only log in to not the uphold app which requires a email address password and passcode
This is definitely a brave issue

I just reinstalled uphold application and I was able to log in fine on that

You should definitely compensate me for this as I feel we keep on going round in a circle as it’s been 11 days since I first messaged about this issue and no one is understanding what I mean it’s not my fault or upholds unfortunately it’s braves
And their preventing me from being able to log in to my account even thought my email address and password for my uphold account is 100% correct

Instead of going through Rewards, can you please try simply logging into, starting at the website?

Also, are you able to visit and login using other browsers?

I have done all that it and it works fine and logs in okay
The issue I’m having is I want to log in through brave browser but it’s not logging me in it is connected to uphold account

I need it to collect my rewards if I log in on it won’t connect me to brave browser I need to log in through the browser

Please get back to me asap thanks

Can you please try logging into via Brave but not going through the Rewards flow? That is, simply visit the site and try to login normally? That way you’ll already be logged in (you might turn Shields down for Uphold as well while you’re there for the time being) and then you won’t need to login when you go through the Rewards flow because you will already be logged in.

If you can authenticate in Brave normally (again, just going to the site, not trying to connect Rewards) first, try that then try connecting.