Logon problems in Uphold

Hello, comrades!
I’ve problems for login in my Uphold account. I can’t login in Brave and Firefox browsers.
The uphold is which problems?

Any errors you receive?

Well… In Brave’s browser there is
the link to log in and when I click on it, the page that should take me to the Uphold wallet is as if it were an eternal load, because it does not come out of that.

I,ve tried in both browsers, Brave and Mozilla Fire Fox, and results in the same thing! My OS is Windows 7 and localization is in Brazil.

You can help me, please?

Could you try in a private window and tell me if that works?
If it does, then disable extensions one by one. This is most likely the culprit

I did your sugests about extensions and tried login in private window too. Don’t works.

Could you try in a private window?

You mean you aren’t able to go to Uphold’s Website and not Brave Rewards, right?

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