Brave Browser Linux Mint update watching Roku Channel

I just updated My Linux Mint 19.3 and Linux Mint 20.0 with a Brand New Update by Brave and Now my CPU heat shows up over 200 degrees Fahrenheit on Two different IBM Lenovo T-420 i5 Core Intel Laptops.
But, if I run the same ROKU using Firefox my CPU Temperature indicator displays 120 degrees Fahrenheit. I can not Run Brave Browser until there is a Fix for this CPU temperature runaway. Anyone else experience this problem? The Video slows down down to the thermal Characteristics of the Intel Microprocessor heating technology.
While using Firefox my Laptop displays perfect High Definition Video.

Good News, I just discovered that ROKU was never intended to run on a Laptop.
And I have found no way to cool down the CPU.
But, I am happy to report that I am running ROKU off a Laptop using LINUX MINT and Firefox or Brave Browser.
I am using the ROKU Channel and watching Free legal Content.
Other than sometimes overheating the CPU and reducing the screen resolution the TV and Movie content on the Free Channels Work.
Intel has a built in Heat control system on their i3, i5 and i7 CPUs.
That might be why they run ROKU Content.

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You may also want to try disabling Hardware Acceleration just to see if that helps with the “hot cpu” issue. You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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