Brave Browser just stopped rendering the sites

I’m using Brave for some years know and since last month they just rendering the sites, close and open the browser doesn’t have any affect and now even restarting the computer…

O Brave was update version 1.60.125 Chromium: 119.0.6045.199 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

I’m using Windows 11 Home version 23H2

The mobile app in my android is working perfectly!

Might have something to do with google/youtube/alphabet

A lot of people just had problems with their accounts getting blocked from viewing content on youtube when browsing with brave in the past hour or so.

I cleared browser cache + cookies and was able to view videos again but the youtube menu (where you can access the channels you are subscribed to or your playlists) didn’t work for about 5 minutes.

It all seems to work fine for now.

Still if google chooses to go down this path I for one will move on to other emails/content websites

Actually no, was any site they aren’t rendering properly, inluding his own settings. I have to reinstalll to continue to use him.

Try to clear cache and cookies. It will ask you to relog on every website but that will probably happen if you reinstall anyway. Just try to clear everything.

I reinstall the program and work fine, but I’m not sure is the cache and cookies, the brave have problems rendering his own browser.

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