Brave Browser from Google Play store crashing on Asus Chromebox (Chrome OS)

Description of the issue:

I launch Brave Browser from a shortcut on the task bar. Since a recent Chrome OS update, the text/picture in a Brave tab is sometimes ‘garbled’, but this does not affect the underlying crashing which occurred before the update and continues now. The crash occurs when using an incognito tab and seems to be ‘time based’ like something was ‘filling up’ to cause the crash. Time varies, but in the 2-20 minute region. The crash varies - sometimes just the incognito tab, sometimes the whole of brave and sometimes the whole OS - needing to reboot the whole device to recover the situation. This then is defeating the Chrome OS sandbox?
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Chrome OS is running continuously except for planned updates and to recover from a Brave crash. Chrome browser has a small number of extensions.
  2. Launch brave, launch an incognito tab, carry out searches, search within websites read text/watch video
  3. Crashes as described above, frequently enough for me to want to fix rather than tolerate.

Expected result: Brave browser incognito tab does not crash in normal use

Brave Version( check About Brave) - Brave 1.43.93, Chromium, 105.0.5195.127
OS Android 11; Build/R105-14989.85.0

Additional Information - Brave Browser downloaded from Google Play Store because a previous attempt to use the Linux setup failed. Running Brave on a modern ASUS Chromebox using Chrome OS - I have applied every available update @ 180922.

Not quite sure what could be the problem. @Aman_M @Chocoholic @rodrige any solutions or anything ?

@GrahamL Can you post a screenshot of this? :point_up_2:

Does it happen just with Brave or other Apps as well? And, since Brave crashes in incognito mode, do you have crash logs here- brave://crashes/? Do you have enabled “Automatically send diagnostic reports” here- brave://settings/privacy?

I know nothing about Android but the graphical glitches problem with tabs rings a bell and has been occurring on desktops, mostly in windows environments. Might want to try to enable Vulkan at brave://flags#enable-vulkan and see if that works. The description does indicate the flag is available for Android.
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.43.x - #3 by Chocoholic

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Inconveniently, the garbled text this morning only ‘flashes’ on before settling down to display correctly - so sorry, no screenshot.

Automatically send diagnostics reports - yes and the Brave ‘ping’ setting. I had the ‘clear all data on exit’ setting, so no logs at present. I’ve changed that so will look later.

Separately, I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave - still crashes.

Thanks, I have enabled Vulkan and relaunched as described. (What is vulkan?)

Vulkan is used for GPU optimization for graphics rendering. Does Vulkan fix it? No more crashes and garbled text?

the garbled text issue has gone from being a pain, to brief flashes, to gone.

there was one crash today, incognito tab only - nothing in brave://crashes/ - i had not closed the browser

Nice. The well-spotted award goes to Chocoholic. Now about crashes, for me, even a crash in Incognito Mode creates a crash file in brave://crashes/ (to force crash- brave://inducebrowsercrashforrealz). But I don’t know why itsn’t creating a crash file for you.

Do you have extensions enabled in Incognito Mode, can you try running Incognito mode without them? brave://extensions/ > Details. Neverthless, Tagging @Mattches @SaltyBanana for more clarity.

Thanks for all your patience

  • force crash did not create a crash for me
  • brave://crashes/ shows zero
  • I don’t have any extensions installed in Brave (although I do in chrome browser)

@GrahamL I have tagged support guys, hope they chime-in. Meanwhile, can you create a new profile (from hamburger menu) and see if the crash persists in Incognito Mode there as well?

Thanks for reaching out. Pinged the team about this — we often get some weird behaviors from Chrome OS. Will have to wait to see what they say as I actually do not have a Chromebook to test at this time. What’s particularly strange is that nothing is showing up on the brave://crashes page. Any time the browser crashes, whether using a Private window or not, the crashes should be recorded.

Hope to have more information on this soon.

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I looked at videos of creating a profile in brave and can see how it is done. This version of brave (i.e. google play store) does not have an option to create a profile.

One crash today, incognito tab only, no crashes reported with brave://crashes/ in normal or incognito tab.

My perception is that the browser is more stable than recently and the vulkan thing is the only recent change to anything (Chrome OS, Brave Browser).

At this level, to be honest, it is an inconvenience rather than a problem.

Thanks again


Yeah, my bad. There isn’t an option to create a profile on Android. Let’s see what Mattchess & team find out. Hope it works out for you.

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