Brave Browser Crashes after new update

I Updated Brave Browser and I use linux. Brave browser crashes when I launch it. When I launch brave browser pop ups but the curser is stuck , nothing works. Then It closes its self.
But when I use terminal, and executes, brave-browser <link/keyword>. It opens the browser with the link or the keyword. And then It works fine until I open the new tab. If open a new tab, then It crashes. But if I open a link from the 1st tab to the new tab, it will work fine. I reboot my system. Then again no difference. Still the same. How do I troubleshoot ? Should I reinstall brave browser ?

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Crashes also on my Fedora 36 with glibc-2.35-16.
It is unfortunate Brave forgot to test this release.

[0903/160931.461376:ERROR:elf_dynamic_array_reader.h(64)] tag not found
/usr/bin/brave-browser-stable: line 48: 2840773 Segmentation fault (core dumped) β€œ$HERE/brave” β€œ$@”

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This is the error I get when I used my terminal to open brave browser and accidently opened the new tab which lead to the crash. And the terminal shows some thing like this.

version 1.43.93-1.x86_64 seems to work.

@firefalls Can you confirm if the above addresses your issue?

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