Brave Browser crashes within seconds of launching (MacOS High Sierra)

Description of the issue:
Recently, about 2 days ago, the browser began unexpectedly crashing but was not doing this before. Prior to each crash, the browser behaves in a very sluggish and laggy fashion, almost as if it has difficulty executing scripts. Upon launching brave browser, as I normally would any other time, the browser unexpectedly crashes within seconds of the application being launched.

How can this issue be reproduced?
I have used brave browser for nearly 2 years, and have never experienced a problem such as this issue. It happens each time I try to use brave browser, I have not experienced it working properly yet. The application is launched from the dock involving MacOS.

  1. Brave browser application is launched via MacOS dock.
  2. Brave browser opens, as it normally would any other time to a new tab page.
  3. Depending on activity attempted, the browser crashes unexpectedly.
    3a. If I allow Brave browser to sit idle without attempting to navigate, the browser will last around 30 seconds before eventually crashing.
    3b. If I attempt to navigate to any website, (or use the browser whatsoever), within 3-5 seconds, the browser crashes.

Expected result:
For the browser to function normally, as it did about 3 days ago.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I am unable to even open the browser to check and view the release version. When I begin navigating within the browser, within seconds it crashes. However, automatic updates are toggled ON, so it’s safe to assume that the version is consistent with the most recent stable build for MacOS.

Additional Information:
1) Unfortunately, the setting that involves automatically sending crash reports to technical support is toggled OFF, so I can’t even report the issue if I wanted to.
2) However, I have the crash report included in a document for technical support review of the issue I was able to grab prior to the most recent attempt to use the browser.
3) I am currently running MacOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6.

Have you looked at the console logs ( in Applications/Utilities). You might find something in the system log.

What else do you have running when you start up Brave? Do you have some anti-virus software or Little Snitch or something else that Brave might conflict with?

Have you tried a total reinstall?

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