Brave Browser Censorship?

I am hearing buzz about Brave censoring The Healthy American and calling it a “dangerous” website. Is this true? One reason I chose Brave is because they claim not to censor. Does this remain true or has your mission changed? Need some honesty here. And if this is happening with this website, is it happening with others?

Is this the website you’re referring to?

If it is, I opened it without any troubles. If Brave was truly censoring the website, I wouldn’t be able to open it in the first place. It is also the first result on Brave Search.

Thank you for that comment. Yes, it is the correct website. Thanks for letting me know it worked for you.

On a further note, though – has Brave, in general, begun to censor any websites? It’s important for me to understand – because I chose Brave as they declared they did not censor. Thx

I highly doubt that, the least I haven’t heard or read anything alike.