Brave Browser and the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

As far as I know, the Brave Browser does not allow the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro to be customized.

This is causing a usability issue for me. When entering text into a dialog box such as the one used to enter this specific post, there is a back button on the Brave browser touch bar that has many times activated while I am typing. The little finger or the ring finger of my left hand may accidentally brush across that back button. The result is that I lose everything that I have previously typed into that box. If the Touch bar were customizable, I could remove that back button from that location but as it is this is very frustrating.


I have the same problem. I keep on touching the back key and leaving the current page, with quite bad consequences sometimes (e.g., in Overleaf). I had to shortcut the touch bar for Brave by making the function keys appear, but now I miss important keys. I guess it should be annoying to support yet another feature that appears in a single operating system, but at least Brave could omit keys like that one that make you leave the page.