Touch Bar support for Developer tools in MacBook Pro

A lot of people use Chrome for Web development purposes. But only a few use Brave for development. If Brave had had some features that would make development easier, the Brave Dev Community will become wider.
And I think adding few things to the MacBook Pro’s Touch-bar can be very helpful in many cases.
As an initial step I would suggest the following to be implemented in Touch-bar :

  • Easier tab switching between Elements, Console, Source, Network, Application, etc. (Like how we have in Activity Monitor App in macOS)
  • Adding controls when Source Tab is open and a breakpoint is hit. (Controls like how we have in many IDEs in debugging mode (eg.: VSCode, PyCharm, IntelliJ))
  • Providing clear option in the Touch-bar when Console or Network Tab is focused
  • Button to Toggle Device Toolbar(The button to view screens of different devices) when Elements Tab is focused

I still have a lot of ideas that can make development in Brave much easier and comfortable for developers.