Brave Browser and Brave Browser Beta cannot open if Tab Groups is enabled; but it works for Brave Browser Nightly

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Description of the issue:

Brave Browser and Brave Browser Beta cannot open of Tab Groups is enabled; but it works for Brave Browser Nightly.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download Brave Browser, Brave Browser Beta, and Brave Browser Nightly
  2. Go to chrome://flags
  3. Search “groups”
  4. Enable “Tab Groups”, “Tab Groups Continuation”, and “Tab Groups UI Improvements”.
  5. Restart app.

Expected result:

Brave Browser/Brave Browser Beta crashes and won’t even open. Brave Browser Nightly opens up to last tab.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave Browser: 1.17.72
Brave Browser Beta: 1.18.60
Brave Browser Nightly: 1.19.31

Mobile Device details

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Android 10

Additional Information:

I recently ordered a new phone and have to trade this one in; and I was in the process of bookmarking everything to switch to the new device so can somebody please help as I have accounts and passwords autosaved on the browser that I will be locked out of if I can’t open the app. Also if you can help can you please tell how long it may take because I am on a clock here. Thank you.

If you need anymore information please let me know.

let me ask one of the team @Aa-ron but notice it still weekend so expect a response starting from the next monday or later

hope that help and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

Did you ever get a reply as this may be what’s happening to me. Haven’t been able to open Brave browser on my Note20 for a few days now.

Installed nightly and it opens fine.

Unfortunately no not yet

the problem is that on android
if that was on desktop/laptop then you could easily start brave with that flag --no-experiments

so not sure if there away except to clear the app cache which would make you loose all setting bookmarks and bats and much more

do you have any idea how to solve that @Serg

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @JackDaniels,
Thanks for reaching out.
We have a fix for this coming, look out for the next update

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Thanks. Brave Browser Beta works now. Update is 1.18.60

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