Tab groups just stop working on Android device (Samsung Galaxy S21)

I know this bug was yet reported. But it seemed (or I didn’t see) that no official answer/reolution was been.

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Topic closed without any response… ?

Description of the issue:
since 3 weeks (without an update of the application) the tab groups are desactivated.
I saw the correct settings to set on this page (the parameters was like that, option activated, since the begininning and all was OK, tab groups worked fine).

But, without any change from myself, tab groups were desactivated. Since, there is no way to activate it again…
I synchronized with my PC, hoping that could fix that bug, but there is no change… :frowning:

I tried to disable/enable the feature on my Android device (Parameters → Appearance → Enable tab groups). But it doesn’t change anything. The list of tabs are still in flat list…

This is a main and mandatory feature that I want in my default browser. If this feature can’t be changed, I will have to change my default browser. But I like Brave. Please find a solution to this bug (hoping I’m not the only one having this bug)

Thank you

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I don’t know. This bug appears even when I didn’t do anything on parameters. Tab groups was enable by default when I start to use Brave, and I enjoyed it. And suddenly, the feature was disabled and I found no solution to re-enabled it.

Expected result:
“Tab groups” feature enabled again.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S21 (Android)

Additional Information:](Support Templates Reference)
This feature is mandatory for using a browser for now. Please fix it :pray:

Does going to brave://flags and enabling tab groups on tablets help ?

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Thank youuuuu :grin:

I tried each option, and only these 2 work :

A new display available :

And the classic :

Best regards

I see. Thanks for the info. @Mattches would you know why the other 2 options don’t seem to work ?

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Apologies but I’m not quite clear on what view you’re actually looking for. Can you share a screenshot (or find one online) where the tabs are displayed the way you’d like them to be in the browser right now?

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Thanks for your reply.

When I downloaded Brave, the setting “Tab groups” was enabled by default, and it was perfect. That displayed tabs as groups like this

Then, suddenly, even I didn’t change anything in configuration or customisation, the tabs appeared like this:

So I tried to find a setting to change that… Nothing.
I tried to synchronise with my Computer, nothing.

And then, thanks to @SmartyAadi , I discovered “hidden” configuration.
2 options are ok (see post above with pictures).
Finally, the flat list of tabs changed to grouped tabs

Flat list (default)

Grouped tabs (that’s that I had when I downloaded Brave, by “default” ?) That I enjoyed :blush:

Hoping this helps according to your question ?

(Sorry, I’m french and I don’t speak/write english very well :sweat_smile:
Hoping that you’ll understand what i’m explaining :grin:)

Sorry for the splitted response, the forum seems to do not accept to link more than 4 attachment images at same time😅

Thank you for the confirmation.
Is the issue resolved then?

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Yes, it’s ok right now :smiling_face:
Hoping that will not change in the future, without any actions from me (users are so confused when behaviours of an application change while they doesn’t touch anything :sweat_smile:)

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This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.