Brave breaks captcha

I would like to request the ability to ability to set Shield settings on a per domain basis.
I DO NOT mean the per-site shield setting currently available.
It only let’s you turn it on or off as a whole for specific sites.
I am wanting to change individual shield settings.
And when I say “per domain” I mean the domains required for captcha services.
Brave’s default settings break google’s captcha service.
I am requesting this as it would allow me to enable captchaas a whole without needing to disable shield for the site using it.

Can you provide a bit more information surrounding the issue? For example, what google site(s) are you browsing that a) prompt with a captcha and b) what is the exact behavior of the captcha service “breaking”?

Breaking? instead of the captcha, I get the generic grayed out “something went wrong” icon
I want to whitelist google’s captcha as a whole, and WITHOUT disabling shields for every site that uses it.

Can you clear the cookies on and then reload the page? I just tested the signup and the google captcha (just a tickbox) seems to be okay.

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checked it again, capctha’s working with shields on now.
I don’t know what it was, but it seems to have fixed its self.


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