Brave icon is not orange now

Just now, my Brave icon on top of my browser is not ‘orange’ why, and I can’t click on it.

Please, advise what I need to do now. Thanks.


On what page does this happen?
It is grey on few pages such as default page, settings, …

When I open a new tab. It was very strange yesterday when suddenly Google opened up instead of Brave which I’ve had for a long time. It went back and forth. So, I re-started my computer. Then, at one point, the Brave search was not available and it asked me to download the Brave app and I freaked out and thought I’ve lost all my Brave settings including my saved passwords, etc., but I opened a new tab and my settings were there. Very strange.

i think need remastered icon lion+bat logo in one circle or square :thinking:

Also, yesterday whenever I opened a new tab later on the Brave tab with my accumulated trackers/banwidth/time was not there, so, it was strange. Didn’t know how to report this to Brave as a broken site. This morning, the save above whenever I open a new tab are there.

What do you think it happened, please? Thanks.

u can add screenshot here?

I use a computer, don’t know how to screenshot here. It doesn’t let me send images.

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Delete the cache and start again bro
don’t worry your rewards will be still there


Yesterday there was an update (you can now show a side bar and customise the backgroung image of the default page). But there were few problems, like my default search changed, theme color fonts, youtube video size …

But after clearing cache, flushing DNS and restarting my laptop, everything seems back to normal.

what operating system do you have windows, mac or linux?

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