Brave Blocker YouTube stop working

Aug 07/2023 - Brave blocker for YouTube stop working today 08/07/2023.
Have reset and cleared browser, restart, set aggressively block trackers and ads.
Ads are still coming through, Any help would be appreciated.
Brave version on MacOs 13.5, Brave version 1.56.20 Chromium: 115.0.5790.171
Thank you!

There was an update by uBlock in the resources file, which Brave uses to Inject JS to block ads and different things on the internet, what makes Brave an advanced native adblocker.

Since it broke Brave (but doesn’t affect uBlock) then it is a general problem for Brave users, the problem was already reported, and Brave Browser will get an update soon, to fix the Brave Ad Block Resources Library

This is what is breaking everything this line of code function () {} which causes every other scriptlet to fail, not just the scriptlets that have it but others as well if used in the same website.

There is nothing you can do, unless you waste your time manually removing the problem. It is just an empty function that is causing all the issues since it is taking down any injected JS that might work with it.

So, tomorrow it will work fine again.


Thank you. I was fearing a targeted attack from Google.

@VAPG1974 well, all you can do is click the update button manually until it updates.

brave://components/ and find Brave Ad Block Resources Library - Version: 1.0.53 until it says 1.0.54, the problem will persist.

Until then, reports about seeing ads and Youtube failing and other websites failing to block something should not be reported. It is a complete mess caused by this in uBlock Scriptlets file:

    name: 'get-extra-args.fn',
    fn: getExtraArgs,
    dependencies: [

There is no get-extra-args-entries function in the uBlock file, so Brave accidentally added it in the resources file as function () {} which is breaking everything, since that’s an invalid JS code, since all Scriplets get loaded at the same time, they will all fail if present. this fixes it, but for that to get to Brave servers and then be downloaded by Brave Browser components takes a while.

Those are the technical details about the problem, just a tiny little issue that Brave couldn’t have known before merging the changes from uBlock, and I already reported, so it will be fixed soon.

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Perhaps brave can implement a function for users to rollback or “use a test version” components in the future?

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  1. There is already the function, not for mobile but for desktop, you can go to %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\mfddibmblmbccpadfndgakiopmmhebop and if you see 1.0.52 you just remove 53 and rename 52 to 53 and done. Restart Brave or just loading a rule or filter list will reload the resources file.
    Old components only get deleted when you close the browser.

  2. It was a tiny error by Brave Team, so it is not needed a full function to revert back more than what is already there., I already reported it and it is already fixed.

  3. it wouldn’t have happened if uBlock didn’t add a dependency but didn’t actually used it and it is non-existant. Brave uses a script to grab uBlock resources and adapt it to what Brave uses, then there was an error that caused Brave to have issues by that non-existant dependency, so Brave tried to fix it but they didn’t count that the JS injection would cause issues and then take everything down.

So again, a tiny error, I reported it and it is fixed and it will be available for Brave Browser to get the updated component soon, Brave Team is made of humans and so many things are in the works that it can cause issues.

I only found out about the issue because, I check the file directly, the final result, while Brave only adds stuff for the ‘script’ to do the job, so they didn’t think that would cause issues, but even VSCode was clear about the issue when you look at things the way I did.

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@VAPG1974 @Nephtalion
go to brave://components/ and click the update button for the Brave Ad Block Resources Library, it should go to 1.0.54. and test again Youtube and everything where you were having problems to properly report things if you still see something not working right, since it wouldn’t be the Scriptlets not doing anything anymore and a problem of a rule or something that has to be addressed properly.


Everything is working fine after updating Brave, including Brave Ad Block Resources Library version is 1.0.54

Thank you for your help, and confirming the update to 1.0.54 of the Brave Ad Block Resources Library and on Brave at 1.56.20 resolved the ads appearing. Thank you again.

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