Brave Beta not showing ads

I was asked to create a new thread for this.

Description of the issue: Since May 1st my Brave Beta has not received any ads, this has persisted across multiple versions.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Use Brave Beta for a while
  2. Leave Brave Beta open
  3. Check Ad Rewards

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Included screenshots show reward for previous month received and no new ads for current month.

Expected result: When using Brave Beta, ads should show up.

Reproduces how often: Every Time

Brave Version: Brave - Beta 1.25.57

Android Model: Motorola G8 Power (Android 11)

Additional Information: I have tried multiple strategies posted here and on Reddit to get ads to reappear, so far none have been successful.

My Beta browser was tested using multiple notifications testers (including Brave’s own) and it passes every time. But ads still do not appear.

I have exported the Rewards Database, but not sure where it saves to look at it.

I have tested Brave Release (1.24.84) and Nightly (1.26.18) and both of those ARE still receiving ads.

I have wiped the cache, but have not wiped Data or Uninstalled/reinstalled because I don’t want to lose the BAT I already have, as I have not reached the minimum to verify my wallet. This is why I considered “tipping” myself, and removing the browser so I don’t lose the BAT and the browser isn’t taking up space while not working properly.

Same problem… Brave beta not showing ads

There was an issue on beta and nightly which may be related. Once has been uplifted to beta the issue should be resolved. Thank you

Thank you for that!

I will keep an eye out for it.

Same for a week i didnt recive any of ads

Hi, the fix is in 1.25.x. Can you please confirm if working for you? Thank you, Terry

@NIGHTZNERO Are you still not seeing ads? Thanks

I deleted Brave Beta, created a new profile, ads are displayed successfully, then I created another profile and ads have already stopped broadcasting on it.
As I understand it, now we get ads for only one profile, no matter how many of them we have?
The change.
Push advertisement just arrived
But I still don’t get paid for the sponsored image.
This is seen as brave, brave beta and brave Brave Nightly

Ads are shared across profiles so correct you will only receive up to x ads per day across all profiles. Which country are you located in? Thanks

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For me Fixed,after the next day of write comment here i got update in playstore that fixed that


Great news. Thank you

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I always use 2 profiles to work with.
And I always got paid for sponsored images on two profiles.
Now I noticed (after the update) that I only get paid in one profile. All the rest of the ad is shown as expected.
I am in the USA

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This is as expected and in the future, we are looking at not showing sponsored images once a cap has been reached. Thank you


This is very encouraging.
Thanks for your work.
And I am interested in one more thing. I have a remote server (Amazon). I also use Brave there, but I do not receive any ads at all.
What could be the problem?
I don’t use VPN.

@Bananas12 We do not support Ads on AWS. Thanks

Thank you.
You helped me figure it out.

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I can confirm ads are once again working on my Beta. Thank you.

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Great news. Thanks for letting us know.

hi @tmancey when was this change implemented?

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May I ask if this only applies to sponsored images or Push notifications?
I mean Ads are shared across profiles
If I use 2 profiles, the advertisement will share between them all or only sponsored images.