No ads are showing since last week

I am not getting any ads in notification since last week.

Is this brave release or brave beta

brave beta mobile app

Out, of curiosity are you on Android 11?

My device recently updated to 11 and Brave no longer receives ads. But to be honest, I am not sure if it stopped before or after my update. I am trying to see if maybe that’s a common problem.

I have tested it with Release, latest Beta and latest Nightly and none of them are receiving any ads.

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no i am still on android 10 !

@Aa-ron Take a look into this

Damn, well there goes that theory. Something is definitely wrong then.

yeah its specific to brave beta mobile cause i am getting ads of my other phone which has normal brave

Hello all,
Please see this thread for some insight on how ads work in Brave.
If you feel you’re stilling having issues with ads please open a new topic.