Brave auto restores second window when closing the first

Description of the issue:
When running two instances of the browser, minimize one instance, leave the other instance un-minimized so that only one instance window is showing on the desktop, when closing the visible instance by exiting it, the other minimized, automatically restores it’s window to be visible on the desktop instead of remaining minimized to the task bar.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open two instances of brave browser.
  2. Minimize one instance of the browser window. Now there should only be one visible instance showing on the desktop.
  3. Close the visible instance window by clicking on ‘X’ on the far right of the window title bar.

Expected result:
The visible, un-minimized instance should exit and the other instance should stay minimized and out of sight.

Brave Version:


Thank you for reaching out. I just tested this on my end and don’t see this behavior and is working as you described in your expected result.

To clarify, when you say “instance”, you are just referring to having more than one window open at a time, correct? Or are you referring to two different windows with two different profiles?

Thank you for responding. You are correct, when I say “Instance”, I was referring to having more than one browser window open at a time but with the same profile. This just started happening within the last couple days so I figured it was related to the latest release that I got on 8/3. I was able to reproduce it on a different machine as well. I ended up leaving the sync chain and did a full browser reset and it no longer does it. So maybe I had a rogue extension that was bad or something? And maybe it was happening on the other machine because they were in the same sync chain and it had that rogue extension?

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