Brave auto contribute in error


This evening my brave browser decided to turn on auto contribute for 20 BAT to a website that is not verified. Is there a way to get my BAT refunded?

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Thanks for reporting. I’d like to ask a few questions to start:

  • Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold? If so, how many?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you in advance!

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Apologies for jumping into this thread, but I noticed that a similar thing happened to me as well, where auto-contribute seems to have been turned back on after an update, then subsequently sent out 20 BAT by default:

Thanks for your help!

Hi there.
I have the same problem 20 BAT was directed to
The auto contribution was turned on by itself… I always disable this option… can you help?

I have 3 devices linked to my uphold.

The weird thing is that when I reported this, the brave browser said all 20 went to the discord website. (I was running the web version when this triggered).

Hi @Adex - it looks like Auto-Contribute was enabled on January 27th. Is this the day that you downloaded the browser. It’s on by default and must be turned off.

I’ve been using Brave since last summer, and realized after earning/losing my first rewards that I had to turn it off manually. I’m not sure why it would’ve turned itself back on again now.

well when you finally set the default to off?

I thought I would check on the status on things.

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