Brave Android is not showing Twitter space

Brave 1.57.53
Android 13

In Firefox and Vivaldi Android, in Twitter page, i can see space on top and participate in space as listener.
But Brave Android, on page, space is not showing.
Any solution? @Mattches

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Thank you for the report.
I can reproduce this on my end — looks like Shields is blocking something tracking related from that specific element and so it doesn’t appear. I was able to see it if Shields were down. Going to differ to @fanboynz on this one to take a look.

Thanks for your patience.

tested in 2 android devices, fold and tablet.

Showing shields down, and shields up). Following a spaces didn’t show up for me on the right side.

Desktop seems fine;

Its possible twitter is limiting spaces to desktop/official app here.

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Thanks for taking this up !!

No. In Android, other chromium based browsers and firefox android showing twitter space.
The issue is only with Brave.
Some shields need to be fixed i guess.

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