Disable Empty Banner

Hello, I’m writing to you to see if you can help me. Is it possible to delete this empty banner? (See screen)[I do not know where to post, I barely speak English, please forgive me] cordially

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Last version

Mobile Device details
Nothing phone 2
Additional Information:

Which website is showing the blank space?

Several different sites, it hides the advertising but instead it leaves me a blank white hole, I wanted to know if there could be solutions against it.

Well I need to know which websites “Several different sites” doesn’t help here.

This one for example was www.charlieintel.com, I’d have to find others, I just know that this isn’t the only site to do this to me.

Here’s a another site Works fine with Brave on my MacBook but all kinds of empty containers when viewing the site on the android mobile version.

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