Brave Ads not showing up for the last month

I haven’t received any brave ads since October 21st when I travelled out of the country. While I was in another country I had to use a VPN over the hotel Wi-Fi for my protection, I was receiving ads at the time on my laptop. I use the same account on my laptop and on my home PC. I haven’t received any ads since October 21st when I returned home, I have gone through all troubleshooting documents and several community posts about this issue, and tried everything, but I still do not receive ads. Could my account have been flagged?

I have not received a single ad since August: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?

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Still no ads received, found this guide:,you%20will%20start%20receiving%20ads.

I will update if this works.

There is an official push notification test:

It is successful but still no ads are showing. So the issue is not wrong settings or blocked sites. The issue is Brave.

its been over 3 months and not 1 pop up ad lol

Now 4 months for me. That’s just without words for a browser with such a concept.
Maybe it is time to leave it behind and switch back to Edge, I don’t know yet.

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