Brave ads don't show up ( since mid January)

Yes I have the most up to date version. Version 1.35.100 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87
Ads haven’t shown up since mid January I have no idea what the problem could be.

same issue happening since 3 days ago

yes, there is some issue for sure. I have received some ads but not all of them are rewarded. Today, I have viewed five ads in a row but none of them were rewarded.

Nothing here too for a month.

In my January Payout I have claimed more than what was showing. maybe, the brave team will settle them at the time of payout.
But, it would mean a lot, if the brave team could come here clear the air.

Update: Still nothing

I still haven’t gotten any ads, not one, Brave do something, there has to be a way to talk to you directly.


-Recheck in Windows Settings: region and system local.

-Check if Brave campaign is still available in your country.

-Check if ads are still available in your country.

-Do you use VPN?

me too, i have the same problem i dont know what happend

Still nothing, I live in the US and and ADs are still available in my state, I’m not using a VPN, I’ve done nothing different to initiate the problem. What ever it is, it’s on your end Brave.


I suggest you check with @steeven or @Mattches by sending them a Direct Message. Just click on their name.

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